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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stick a sign on the front lawn...

I'm moving!

Not actually moving. Just moving the blog. It's been fun hanging out here at Blogger, but... I have a confession to make.

I've been cheating on you with another blog.

I've had a LiveJournal account for about three years now, in addition to this blog, and at first the two had very different content, so I wanted to keep them separate. But over the years, they've sort of merged together, until I was basically just crossposting the same stuff to both of them. Except I'd usually forget and one would get the post a week later than the other one. :-P

So I'm consolidating. And also moving. I've created a new journal at Dreamwidth called Next to Normal, with a lot of my old LJ content (I can import that, but not the Blogger posts). I like the format there much better than Blogger - I can put posts under a cut, which means you'll be able to avoid spoilers when I talk about TV and scroll more easily past posts you're not interested in. And I've been getting a ton of spam comments here, which is really annoying. Also, there are ICONS. You'll see. (I am an icon whore.)

I encourage you to create an account there (I have invite codes if you do), or you can create an OpenID using your Blogger log-in. Or, hey, comment anonymously. I'll think you're creepy, but that's okay. I probably already do. :)

See you there!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Now I kind of want a flaming piano...

This is either really awesome, really insane, or both. I can't decide.

I think my favorite part is OMG he did that IN THE HOUSE.

Oh, and I will be going to New York this weekend with Christi, so I will probably have gushy things to say about musicals when I get back. :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TV news!

So, it appears James Marsters is starring in another SciFi - excuse me, SyFy - series called Three Inches. It remains to be seen whether the quality will be BSG-esque SyFy or bad B-movie-esque SyFy.

I am also still plugging away at my TV-watching project. I finished season 2 of Six Feet Under this weekend, and I kind of remembered why I didn't get through this season the first time. I mean, I still think it's a great show, but it is definitely not up to season 1's standard. I think part of it is that, although the Fisher family is as fantastic as always, I find a lot of the supporting characters to be terribly grating, especially Brenda, Lisa, Nikolai, Rico's family, and Keith's niece Taylor. I did get a huge kick out of seeing Glenn Fitzgerald as the cancer patient who forms a relationship of sorts with Nate, since he and Peter Krause played half-brothers later on in Dirty Sexy Money, and Brian was one of my absolute favorite characters on that show.

Anyway, I love Nate's fascination with and fear of death, and his desperate need to figure out the nature of life after death brought on by his medical condition. I also loved seeing Claire discovering her talent and her passion for art and Ruth being so happy to be a grandmother. As much as my enjoyment of this show comes from how fucked up the Fishers are, I really just want good things to happen to them, lol.

Since I immediately followed SFU by starting Dexter season 4, I was of course completely blown away by Michael C. Hall (again, in reverse). It's weird how he seems so much older on SFU, I guess because David is so uptight and clueless and proper and Dexter's all scruffy and, you know, a serial killer.

I'm also glad to see the end of Kroehner. I honestly felt like that subplot was played out by the end of season 1. Exchanging Gilardi for Mitzi made it more fun, but I'm tired of Fisher & Sons constantly being under siege.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitty Picspam

Well, Chelsea seems to be eating a bit, but still won't go near medicine, no matter how I try to disguise it as people food. Needless to say, I am feeling rather pissed/frustrated/annoyed/sadface at my kitty right now, so I thought a little picspam would remind me how cute she is when she's not spitting medicine at me. :)

Responsible kitty pays the bills.

Giving me the evil eye. Kitty doesn't like getting her picture taken.

"Note to self: Find better hiding spot."

Pillow: You're doing it wrong.

"What? It's comfortable."

The fearsome watch-cat guarding my front door.


Thwarting photography efforts by attacking the camera.

"No more meds or I'm staying under here!"

Well, where do you store your spare kitty?


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The saga of medicating my cat

My darling little furball started sneezing on Monday, and when it hadn't gone away by Thursday, I took her to the vet. Turns out she most likely has feline herpes, and now we are going through the usual song and dance routine to get her to take her meds. I have learned from past mistakes and opted NOT for drugs in pill form when the vet gave me the options. One of them (Lysine) comes as treats, which started out okay. I put a few in her dish Thursday night and she gobbled them right up. But she's refused to eat anymore since then despite coating them in cream cheese (I dunno, it was the vet's advice), soaking them in milk, or mixing them with tuna.

Medicine number two (antibiotic), on the other hand... oy. It's a liquid that I'm supposed to feed her via dropper. The first dose wasn't so bad, once I'd bribed her with catnip so she'd even come close to me (she knows when something's up), chased her around the apartment a few times, finally tackled her and squished her between my legs while trying to pry her mouth open, and only spilled a little bit on my carpet. :\ Friday morning... well, I sort of squirted it in her face by accident (OMG NOT MY FAULT SHE WOULDN'T STOP WRIGGLING!), which makes it highly unlikely she'll ever let me try THAT again. I tried mixing this one with tuna, too, but no dice. Wouldn't even go near it. She spent most of yesterday hiding under the bed, and pretty much runs away every time I come close to her, so I'm thinking there will be no more medicating until she's less traumatized.

Meanwhile, I have been nursing a cold of my own. The sore throat started last weekend and progressed into full-on nasal congestion over the course of the week. I have gone through an obscene amount of tissues. And I'm only a little ashamed to admit that when Chelsea started sneezing, I thought, "Is it possible for cats to get human colds?" Our new nicknames are Sneezy and Sniffles.

However, I did get a new camera recently (actually, it's a hand-me-down from my parents, and my mother took the liberty of taking pictures of herself and Patches before she gave it to me. "I knew you'd want them," she said), and have been taking pictures of Chelsea being adorable, so expect another kitty picspam soon.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mad Men and a fun link

Mad Men is not a show I typically think of as funny. I mean, it has its moments (many involving Roger Sterling), but lawnmower antics aside, most of the humor is pretty dry. Not really laugh-out-loud funny, you know?

But sometimes it just hits it dead-on.

OH DEAR GOD Pete Campbell is going to be a father.

"What the world needs is another Campbell." Ken, honey, I ROFL'd. Literally. I didn't think that actually happened in real life. I thought it was just a funny internet expression.

Also making me LOL - Don pretending there's a fire to get off the phone with Lee Garner, Jr. and Peggy peering over the divider to see into Don's office.

Speaking of which, holy shit, Allison! Don so had that coming, but I was extra amused because I just watched the Six Feet Under episode where Claire's school counselor encourages her to throw stuff to release tension and she trashes his office. :) And again, I LOL'd at the replacement Joan found - an old lady that Don won't try to sleep with (...oh, God, I hope not. There's not enough "Oh, Don" in the world for THAT).

On a more serious note, I like how they are doing things with Pete and Peggy's relationship, but it's all very subtle. I've never had any desire to see them together (plus I love Trudy too much), but I enjoy the little ways in which they relate to each other.

Also, If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses. HILARIOUS.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TV stuff

I'm free! For two weeks, at least, now that my class is done. And my boss is on vacation for most of next week, which means lots of TV watching. I finished The Office (UK), which I have to say, got harder and harder to watch. The special was just horribly unpleasant. Definitely, definitely voting for the US version as the superior Office.

I'm now watching Six Feet Under. I'd seen season 1 before, and rewatching it reminded me of how much I LOVED IT. I love every single one of the Fishers and their fucked-up lives so very, very much. Onto season 2 now, which I started long ago, but for some reason never finished. The funny thing about it is that originally I didn't have any impressions of the actors except for Peter Krause's role on Sports Night (which I loved), but this time around, nearly everyone is from some other show. Peter Krause's now on Parenthood, Michael C. Hall's on Dexter, Rachel Griffiths is on Brothers and Sisters, and Lauren Ambrose I need to watch more of because damn, she is awesome. I was impressed with MCH's range watching Dexter, when I knew him as David, and now it's happening again in reverse. Also, I don't hate Brenda as much as I did last time around, but I still find Sarah Walker to be infinitely more tolerable.

I've also started - dun dun dun - Lost. Thus far I've seen all of season 1 and am pretty much hooked. I am trying very hard not to think that anything means anything, because I know that way leads to madness, but I can really see why people got all fanatical about that kind of stuff. If I'd been watching it as it aired, without the benefit of knowing that it's complete and utter lunacy to try, I'd probably be writing essays about all kinds of thematic and symbolic shit.

I will say, though, that I am enjoying the story qua story. I like the way they are handling the flashbacks, and the character development seems to complement the tension from everyone keeping secrets and all the scary shit on the island (seriously, there sure are plenty of ways to die on that island, aren't there? It's a freakin' death trap).

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